The Holidays


Aged to Perfection

Dry-aging adds another layer of flavor to our already awesome American Wagyu and USDA Prime Steaks. Our dry-aged cuts have an appetizing rich aroma, a nutty flavor, and added tenderness.


Take the Temp

Check the temperature of a prime rib or ham in more than one place to get a complete read on doneness. Start with the largest section and place the probe in the center of the cut, then check other areas.


Not Left Behind

Some fold enjoy Kurobuta ham leftovers more than the holiday meal! Perfect for sandwiches, ham-and-bean soup, ham and eggs, and any number of wonderful meals. Ham stored in the refrigerator maintains its flavor for up to 4 days, so you'll have plenty of time to try a new recipe.


Bone-In Benefits

Bone-in roasts and steaks look awesome, so they're a great choice if you want to make a big impression. The bone doesn't add flavor, but it insulates the surrounding meat from the heat for a tender, juice bite.


Bullish on Style

The Wagu Bull Patch Hat pays homage to Fukutsuru, the famous bull at the top of Wagyu bloodlines. A custom patch is sewn on a Richardson 112 trucker hat, the definitive go-anywhere hat. 


The Benefits of Indulgence

The intense marbling of Gold Grade steaks are a splurge, but the added intramuscular fat makes for a steak that's more forgiving if you make a mistake while cooking. 


Frozen > Fresh

According to the meat scientists (yes, that really is a title!) at Texas A&M University, flash frozen beef (like SRF's) captures the moment of peak freshness. The key to maintaining high quality is to freeze fast, then thaw slowly. Be sure to allow plenty of time to gently thaw in your refrigerator. 


Glaze Over

Add some pizzazz to your Kurobuta ham with a glaze. Use your favorite preserves, maple syrup, or a simple orange juice-and-brown sugar combo to add flavor and color. Simply slather the glaze on your ham 30 minutes before removing from the oven.


Turn the Holiday On Its Head

We have your head (and the head of your favorite SRF fan) covered with this limited edition Rope Snapback hat. Wear this red, white, and blue hat embroidered with the classic SRF logo to show off vintage style this holiday season.


Coming Up Rosemary

Accent the natural goodness of Snake River American Wagyu prime ribs with the SRF Rosemary Roast Seasoning. It's packed with rosemary, garlic and other natural ingredients, all handcrafted by our culinary team to enhance and highlight our prime ribs and roasts.


The Thick of It

SRF cuts steaks to thickness, not weight. You can see the advantage in our hand-cut traditional ribeye steaks that are a full 1.5 inches thick and average 15 oz. in weight. While other oniline meat purveyors have ribeyes that weigh the same, they're often 1 inch or less in width.


Dutch Treat

Make the best winter meals with a FINEX Dutch oven -- high-end design to a classic cast iron staple. Its octagonal shape and stainless steel Speed Cool spring handles are signature FINEX features. Your pot roasts, braised pork, soups and stews with never taste or look better


Steak Off

Do you prefer Ribeyes or New York Strips? Both are steakhouse best sellers. Ribeyes are beefy and naturally tender thanks to intense marbling. New York strips are richly marbled with a firmer bite. Try them both to find your favorite.