The Best Christmas Ham for the Holidays

The best Christmas ham for your holiday celebration starts with a top tier ham.  A great recipe or stellar cooking skills can’t make up for a subpar ham. Order a Snake River Farms Kurobuta Ham to lift your Christmas dinner to the next level.

The best Christmas ham recipes will create a tradition you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Already have a tried-and-true recipe your family enjoys every year? We recommend you keep using it. Whether you want a complex recipe or a simple preparation, the main goal is having a beautifully finished ham you and your guests will enjoy. Some of our favorite recipes are listed below.

What Cut of Meat is a Christmas Ham?

Every ham is cut from the hind leg of the hog and can either be bone-in or boneless. Both options will provide a great Christmas ham. Here is a video where we cover the differences between the two types of hams.

Snake River Farms offers different sized hams including whole hams and half hams. A half ham is as simple as it sounds - a whole ham that has been cut in half. Snake River Farms offers Kurobuta ham in whole and half hams with the bone left in place or with the bone removed.


Visual learner? Watch our short video and learn about all of the different Snake River Farms Kurobuta Hams and how to choose the perfect one for your occasion. 

Our Favorite Christmas Ham Recipes

When it comes to ham recipes, there are many options to meet your personal flavor preference. Some people like sweet, some people like spicy. Below we have our top three recipes that are enjoyed by all here at SRF.


Baked Honey Glazed Ham

Our baked honey glazed ham is a simple and classic recipe that appeals to most dinner guests.  Simply score the ham and apply about ¾ of the glaze over the entire ham. Heat the ham in the oven at 325F until it reaches 140F internal temperature. Every 20 minutes, baste the ham with the remaining glaze until it is gone. Rest the ham for a few minutes after it is done, then slice, serve, and enjoy!

Smoked Peach-Pomegranate Glazed Ham

The Peach-Pomegranate glaze gives ham a balanced flavor highlighting both sweet and smokey notes. The glaze recipe is simple - 1 cup peach preserves,1/2 cup honey powder, 2 tbsp pomegranate balsamic vinegar, and 4 tbsp of unsalted butter. Heat all in a saucepan over medium low heat until the honey powder is completely dissolved. Keep the glaze warm! Next, heat the smoker to 300F and place the ham directly on the smoker. Smoke until it reaches about 135F, then brush the ham with the glaze and let it set for 5 minutes. Repeat the glazing until the glaze is gone or the ham reaches 140F. Allow the ham to rest for a few minutes, then, slice, serve, and enjoy!

Pomegranate-Orange Glazed Ham

The pomegranate orange glaze ham pairs perfectly with a Snake River Farms Kurobuta ham. It provides a sweet elegance and highlights your Christmas ham as the centerpiece of the meal. The glaze requires little preparation; add pomegranate juice, orange juice, honey, bay leaf, salt, and pepper to a saucepan. Using medium heat, bring the mix to a simmer, then reduce to medium low heat and cook until the glaze is syrupy. Remove the bay leaf from the glaze, and glaze the ham just before serving!

Check out our other ham recipes that are great around the holidays.

How to Cook a Christmas Ham

Here are the simple steps to cook the perfect Christmas ham for a holiday dinner:

  • Step 1: Thaw in the fridge on a tray at least a few days before to allow ample thaw time
  • Step 2: Preheat oven to 325F and remove ham from the packaging
  • Step 3: Place ham in a roasting pan and bake until internal temperature reaches 140F in the thickest portion
  • Step 4: Remove ham from the oven, cover loosely with foil and let it rest for 15-30 min
  • Step 5: Slice and serve the ham, see our video on how to slice a ham here

For more detailed instruction, see our full length guide on how to cook a ham.

What to Serve with Christmas Ham

Wondering what to serve to compliment your Christmas ham? We have the inspiration and ideas covered for you. Just choose your favorite side dish to serve you and your guests! We like to follow our stomachs and you should as well.

Some of our favorite Christmas ham side dishes include:

  • Dish 1: Scalloped Potatoes
  • Dish 2: Honey Glazed Carrots
  • Dish 3: Classic Dinner Rolls

What to do with Leftover Christmas Ham

Christmas ham leftovers provide a plethora of opportunities for delicious next day recipes. A tried-and-true option to satisfy the appetites of your remaining party is ham sandwiches. Reheat the ham and slice thin. Gather your preferred toppings and arrange them on a large platter and let everyone build their own sandwich.

A sensational option, full of flavor, but simple to prepare is ham hash. There is something so fulfilling about a warm, hearty breakfast during the holiday season and ham hash fits the bill perfectly. It is customizable, simple and will feed a group. The full recipe can be found here.

Make Your Next Christmas Ham a Kurobuta from Snake River Farms

A Kurobuta ham from Snake River Farms delivers right to your front door. We go above and beyond to remove as much stress as possible form the holiday mania. Order right from Snake River Farms for a home delivery. You can choose the best day for its arrival. Kurobuta ham is marbled, flavorful and will create a memorable holiday celebration. Get yours today!