Team SRF

  1. Roadside Assistance with Snake River Farms Steaks
  2. Meet Mandy Tanner: Trained Chef and Team SRF Influencer

    Meet Mandy Tanner: Trained Chef and Team SRF Influencer

    Mandy Tanner is one of the OGs of Team SRF. If you've surfed through our website, you've seen her photography and recipes. Mandy is a bona fide chef and graduated from the French Culinary Institute.

    Learn more about Mandy's background and how she became a trained chef,  a photographer and an influencer. She also includes some of her favorite tips for making Snake River Farms Kurobuta ham. 



    It’s (much) easier than you think to add a little surf to your turf this season.

    Photographer and Instagram influencer Chad Montano has the perfect way to elevate your holiday meal in less than five minutes: JUST ADD SEAFOOD

  4. Chef Kelly Cahoon

    Take it Outside

    When the warm weather calls, it’s time to take your feast outside. Team SRF member Kelly Cahoon loves to entertain outdoors. This trained chef and busy mother firmly believes “more is more” when it comes to hosting an event, even something as casual as a summer picnic.

    Kelly put together a perfect summer spread for her family and friends highlighting Snake River Farms using her culinary know-how. Learn all about her creative secrets and dive into her amazing recipes.

  5. Summer Like a Pro

    Summer Like a Pro

    Summer is the time to get outside and exercise your grilling muscles. We convinced some of our favorite BBQ and grilling experts to share their never-fail backyard grilling tips and secrets. There's something here for both beginning and expert grill masters.  We learned a few new tricks we're ready to try out right away. 

    Take a spin through these 12 ideas then fire up the grill and get ready to summer like a pro!

  6. Meet our Team SRF Dads

    Meet our Team SRF Dads

    Nothing goes together quite like dads and grills. Meet four of our favorite fathers and learn how they perfectly prepare their SRF American Wagyu favorites.

    In addition to being experts of the backyard grill, each of these dads is a member of Team SRF with a dedicated following on their social media platforms. Follow them for a wealth of delicious images and get a front row seat to view their expertise.  

  7. Inspiration Nation

    Inspiration Nation

    The Montano, Michael, and Bowman families may be scattered throughout the country, but like all Americans, they’re united by a common love: Food. Their techniques differ, but they share the very qualities that make cooking so much dang fun. It’s all about fantastic ingredients at their peak, plenty of family help, and making time for home-cooked meals (even if backroads are the temporary home).

    Come join us as we take a sneak peek at how these hardworking families make time for friends, family, and food — wherever they are.

  8. Meet Our Recipe Makers: Suzie Heller & Jorge Velazquez

    Meet Our Recipe Makers: Suzie Heller & Jorge Velazquez

    Napa Valley is full of talented chefs and culinary experts, but Jorge and Susie found themselves working together often and built a strong friendship outside the workplace.

    If you take a look at their social media feeds (at least before 2020) you’ll see festive lobster boils, beautiful alfresco table settings, and very frequently, some savory images of Snake River Farms beef and pork.

  9. Chris Sussman: The BBQ Buddha’s Quest for Grill Nirvana

    Chris Sussman: The BBQ Buddha’s Quest for Grill Nirvana

    Meet the BBQ Buddha, Chris Sussman, and get his take on freeing yourself from recipes by letting your senses lead the way to smoky, grilled SRF steak nirvana.

    Chris is a member of Team SRF and recently published "The Four Fundamentals of Smoking - Pit Master Secrets to Making Incredible BBQ at Home" available from your favorite book seller.