Sarah Kelly: Blending Tradition with a Modern Twist

Sarah Kelly, a culinary virtuoso, seamlessly blends tradition with a modern twist in her holiday recipes. Renowned for her culinary expertise, Sarah's take on the classic French sandwich in the Kurobuta Croque Madame is a must-try for holiday brunches. Her personal touch on the Steak Cut Stroganoff pays homage to her grandma's cooking legacy, showcasing how a simple dish can evoke cherished memories. Sarah's recipes are a testament to her ability to bring both sophistication and nostalgia to the holiday table.

Sarah Kelly Recipes

Kurobuta Croque Madame

The classic French sandwich made with Kurobuta ham and topped with a fried egg is perfect for brunch during the holidays. This recipe is easier than it looks, so give it a try.


Steak Cut Stroganoff

Cooking was not one of my grandma’s best skills. However, she made a really good beef stroganoff, and every winter I must make stroganoff at least once!


Mandy Tanner: Transforming Leftovers with Flair

Mandy Tanner is a culinary artist known for her innovative approach to transforming leftovers into comforting, gourmet delights. With a passion for sustainable cooking and an eye for creative repurposing, Mandy brings a fresh perspective to the kitchen. Her recipe for Kurobuta Ham and White Bean Soup is a testament to her ability to turn leftovers into a bowl of comforting warmth, showcasing her culinary finesse. Mandy's Leftover Porchetta Pasta is another masterpiece, demonstrating how to elevate cooked porchetta into a delightful dish that feels far from ordinary leftovers.

Mandy Tanner Recipes

Kurobuta Ham and White Bean Soup

Leftovers transform into comforting warmth in a bowl. The fresh spinach cooks down quite a bit, but you could also use frozen spinach in place of fresh. If you do, use about a cup of frozen spinach that has been thawed and squeezed to wring out any excess moisture. 


Leftover Porchetta Pasta

This is a fantastic way to repurpose cooked porchetta into a delightful dish that hardly feels like leftovers. Refrigerate the cooked porchetta for easy slicing.


Meredith Deeds: Crafting Winter Comfort with an Italian Symphony

Meredith Deeds, a seasoned chef with a penchant for infusing Italian flair into her culinary creations, presents a symphony of comfort for the winter season. Her Italian Beef Stew with Creamy Polenta is a red wine-infused masterpiece that transforms SRF steak cuts into a luxurious and hearty experience. Meredith's recipes serve as a winter solace, delivering warmth and satisfaction in every spoonful. With a focus on quality ingredients and a mastery of flavors, Meredith invites you to savor the holidays with her soul-soothing Italian-inspired dishes.

Meredith Deeds Recipes

Italian Beef Stew with Creamy Polenta

This Italian-inspired, red wine-infused stew uses SRF steak cuts in place of standard stewing beef. Every spoonful delivers the antidote to even the worst case of the winter blues.