How to pick the Right Grade for Your Tastes

To understand how we classify SRF beef grades, it's good to know the basics of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) beef grading. The USDA separates domestic beef into eight grades based on intramuscular fat, also known as marbling, and other qualities like tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. The two highest grades are Prime and Choice. Prime is the top grade on the USDA scale and features abundant marbling. 

At Snake River Farms, we produce beef that measures above USDA scores. We use the 12-point Beef Marbling Score or Beef Marbling Standard (BMS) from the Japanese Meat Grading Association (JMGA) to measure the higher levels of marbling and quality that make our beef stand out. 

SRF Black Label™ and SRF Gold Label™ both score above USDA Prime, while SRF Silver Label™ marbling is similar to USDA Prime:

  • SRF Silver Label™ has a BMS of 4 to 5 with similar marbling to USDA Prime grade beef.

  • SRF Black Label™ has a BMS of 6 to 8 with significantly more marbling than USDA Prime grade beef. 

  • SRF Gold Label™ registers a BMS of 9 or higher and contains the highest level of marbling we offer. 
Snake River Farms Grading Scale

Much More than Marbling

Marbling is a major factor in determining beef quality. However, there are other elements that affect flavor and texture, including the cattle breed and how the animals are raised.

Snake River Farms American Wagyu is a cross between purebred Japanese Wagyu and high-quality American cattle. These unique animals are raised on family-owned ranches and fed a special diet over a longer period of time than commodity beef. Both of these factors influence the final quality of SRF beef.

The result is American Wagyu beef that has the rich marbling of Japanese Wagyu and the robust beef flavor that most folks associate with top-tier steaks and roasts.

Why Choose SRF Silver Label?

While the marbling of SRF Silver Label™ American Wagyu is very similar to USDA Prime, it has other qualities that create a superior beef-eating experience. Meat scientists 
(yes, there really are meat scientists!) have run comprehensive taste tests and found that American Wagyu is significantly higher in buttery aroma and flavor, juiciness, tenderness, and umami. Although the results are from a scientific test, the differences are easy to detect for anyone who enjoys a good steak.

SRF Silver Label™ offers a new option to our full line of American Wagyu and USDA Choice and Prime beef. This new addition is a delicious option worth exploring. 

Silver Label™ Prime Rib
Silver Label™ prime Rib Small
Silver Label™ Tenderloin Roast
Silver Label™ Striploin Roast
Silver Label™ Prime Rib Bone-in