Six-time World Champion Tuffy Stone is known as “The Professor” because of his encyclopedic knowledge of smoke, wood, fire and meat. His book explains in clear detailed language how to use a smoker and create world-class barbecue in your own backyard.

Perfect when cooking American Wagyu Brisket


Aaron Franklin won a James Beard award for his barbecue expertise and focuses his culinary prowess on steak. Co-written with spirit and food writer Jordan Mackay, this book is packed with info about beef, grilling, side dishes and everything needed to achieve steak perfection.

Perfect when cooking American Wagyu Steaks


When the James Beard Award-winning author and chef Hugh Acheson’s daughter was headed to college, he wanted to equip her with the knowledge to cook simple and delicious meals. His project evolved and this book is the result. Perfect for those just learning their way around a stove, but equally valuable for seasoned home chefs.

Perfect when cooking American Wagyu Tenderloin Pieces


Bon Appetit’s resident funny guy is no joke in the kitchen. Famous for his YouTube videos, Brad brings his humor and insight to the written page. Join him as he hits the road in the Northeast in search of new tastes and techniques. It’s a heck of a ride.

Perfect when cooking American Wagyu Specialty Items


Keller is a longtime SRF supporter and created the extraordinary 3-starred restaurant, The French Laundry. He focused the kitchen of Ad Hoc on the American comfort foods of his childhood. This book showcases over 200 recipes from Ad Hoc that highlights his culinary expertise with simpler fare.

Perfect when cooking American Wagyu Ribeyes


Chris is a Snake River Farm's influencer and uses his vast experience to take the mystery out of barbecue by breaking down the process into simple, actionable steps. Never smoked a brisket? A complete tutorial guides you through the entire process from trimming to wrapping to slicing.

Perfect when cooking American Wagyu Tri-Tip


Like four million other followers, we discovered Tieghan Gerard on Instagram. Her easy-to-follow but deliciously complex recipes are all here. You find a bit of everything, ranging from crockpot classics to weekend-worthy meals. Ideal for busy folks and cooks who are still learning.

Perfect When Cooking American Wagyu NY Strip Slices



This book is an extension of Lopez-Alt’s column on Serious Eats, and it really is serious — there are no calls to carefree improvisation here. But science lovers will thrill at the detailed explanations and instructions that churn out impeccable results time after time.

Perfect when cooking American Wagyu Gold Grade Beef


Perelman’s award-winning blog has launched a thousand imitators, and this cookbook proves why. Her recipes are somehow both easy to make and wildly impressive for both weeknight meals and get-togethers with friends.

Perfect when cooking American Wagyu Ground Beef


Ever wonder why restaurant food just tastes better? Holzman and Rodbard decode the tips and tricks that separate the amateurs from the masters…all replicable at home. In addition to the culinary Q&A, the book includes delicious recipes that utilize the techniques identified and explained.

Perfect when cooking the American Wagyu Zabuton (Denver Steak)