Like most of us, Ben Jacobsen grew up eating cheap, industrially processed salt. “I never knew how much better great salt could be,” says the owner and founder of Jacobsen Salt Co. The magical way sea salt brings out the flavors of everything from steaks and roasts to farmers’ market produce led him to create the first company to harvest salt in the Pacific Northwest since the 1800s.

After 10 years of developing and refining his proprietary, artisanal process, he’s humbled and grateful to partner with Snake River Farms to add quality and flavor to your dining experience.

A Collaborative Nature

All salt originates in the sea, whether it’s chemically processed as table salt, found on the Himalayan mountains or recognized by a rabbinical organization as kosher. That means the ocean is Jacobsen’s primary resource. “Without clean seawater, there’s not a whole lot we can do,” he says.

He tested 27 different locations on the Pacific coastline before selecting Netarts Bay, Oregon, as his company’s home base for its higher-than-average salinity and cleanliness. Another local industry contributes to the area’s exceptionally clean water: oyster farming.

“Oysters being bivalve shellfish, they filter seawater,” he says.

This pristine seawater is carefully reduced to a thick brine, dried, then hand-sorted by grain size for use in various Jacobsen Salt Co. products. “It’s a nod to how dependent we are on our natural environment,” Jacobsen says of his collaborative relationship with nature, which mirrors Snake River Farms’ commitment to sustainability.

The Ultimate Power Couple

When it comes to amping up something that’s already as spectacular as American Wagyu beef, Jacobsen sees his artisanal salts as a natural complement.

“If you’re going to spend money on great meat like Snake River Farms,” he says, “why not go the extra step and buy great salt? It’s so much better.”

Besides deepening the rich flavors of highly marbled steak with bright salinity, Jacobsen’s salts also add a textural contrast to the meat’s juicy tenderness with the delicate crunch of their larger flakes.

“People buying Snake River Farms clearly know the difference between it and commodity beef,” he says. “Using Jacobsen Salt on Snake River Farms steaks is like the ultimate power couple.”


Better Together: Salty Combos

Jacobsen’s salty faves are also his company’s top sellers. Try these for a flavorful twist on your next Snake River Farms meal:

  • Pure Flake Finishing Salt - The company’s original product is still its most popular. “We built our brand on it,” Jacobsen says. “It tastes like the sea.”

  • Black Pepper Infused Salt - This is Jacobsen’s signature salt blended with crushed, high-quality peppercorns. “As the peppercorns get blended, oil is released into the salt, turning it slightly gray. It’s a nice, perfumed salt and pepper to use very day.”

  • Garlic and Black Pepper Infused Salt - This custom blend is only available from Snake River Farms. It starts with Black Pepper Infused Salt and adds exceptional ground garlic. “The garlic and peppercorn is blended directly into our salt so all their essence is released to truly infuse the robust flavors,” Jacobsen says, “It’s sublime with steak.”