True West Beef opened in June 2023, the culmination of decades of experience. Some of our most seasoned employees combined their vast expertise with out-of-the-box thinking to create a processing plant unlike any other in existence. This groundbreaking facility is filled with advanced safety-oriented processing equipment, humane animal welfare design, sustainable and environmentally friendly systems, and human-centric workflow and architecture. It’s all housed in a ranch house-style building that looks like part of the community. 

True West Beef

You can see the commitment to quality in every detail. Agri Beef has long been a pioneer in the humane treatment of animals, and True West Beef is the latest development in our quest to create a soothing environment. We worked with world-renowned animal behaviorist, Dr. Temple Grandin of Colorado State University, to design our holding pens and processing areas. Under her direction, we created a processing facility that eliminates angles and shadows so the cattle remain calm and relaxed. 

The new facility is also a model of food and employee safety. The plant has earned coveted certifications, including the gold standard Global Food Safety nitiative designation. The plant’s thoughtful, carefully planned design features band saws with 3D vision technology, which monitors conditions and stops saw blades from spinning before injuries can occur.    

And, as with all Agri Beef facilities, the plant was built with practical sustainability in mind. Lighting is provided by highly efficient LED fixtures, the wastewater system recycles and treats water from the plant so it can irrigate local crops,  and a state-of-the-art air-scrubbing system with advanced filtration prevents harmful particles or odors from escaping the facility.

But it’s not just practical and innovative. It’s also beautiful. Abundant windows peer out over the surrounding scenic landscape and the spectacular Sawtooth Mountains, maximizing natural light for employees. The wings of the main facility incorporate a modern ranch house look and feel in a nod to the company’s historical roots in ranching. One wing houses offices and a fabrication welfare area, while the other contains the processing, or harvest welfare, area.  

A long corridor running along the front of the plant allows visual access directly into the fabrication area, where employees produce the high-quality cuts our company is known for. Each workstation can be adjusted to a comfortable, ergonomic height and measures a full four feet in width, an industry leading amount of personal space.

For food safety reasons, the processing and fabrication areas are kept separate so cross-contamination cannot occur. Both sides have a large cafeteria for employees with massive graphics stretching across the room. The Canyon room shows the iconic Snake River Canyon and Perrine Bridge that spans it, while the other has an extensive graphic and actual view of the Sawtooth Mountains. Outside is a large, inviting courtyard and food truck area for employee  enjoyment during the warmer months.

True West Beef | SRF

Of course, every great ranch house  has an inviting kitchen. True West  Beef’s kitchen is large and modern  and designed for employee lunches  or the occasional chef’s visit. This room is the symbolic heart of our business and a constant reminder of the family, friendship, and hospitality we hope  to foster with every product.

True West Beef isn’t just a new standard in design. It’s also a new, more inclusive model for the beef processing industry. Agri Beef’s visionary second-generation leader, Robert Rebholtz, Jr., was determined to offer Northwest cattle producers the opportunity to own a part of True West Beef and have their high-quality cattle processed at the facility.

It’s a thank you to our trailblazing partners, the great ranching families who have been a part of bringing you Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch Choice and Prime beef for many years. Our relationships with most of these families span decades, and they are truly integral to the company’s ranch to table commitment. Every day, our partner families load market-ready cattle to be delivered to True West Beef. In the spirit of partnership and good business they receive detailed data regarding the quality of the beef produced by their cattle. This information is integrated into decision-making to optimize their livestock operations.

Just a year after its opening, True West Beef is already a model for beef production in the United States. This innovative, unique, and inclusive facility will play a key role in continuing the success of our partner ranching families — and in bringing the best products  to your table, meal after meal.