Nervous about having American Wagyu steaks shipped to your home? Put your fears to rest with a breakdown of how Snake River Farms packages and protects your order so that it arrives in perfect condition, ready to deliver an amazing dining experience for your family.

Does Freezing Beef Affect the Flavor?

The only way to send meat across the miles with any measure of safety is to freeze it. Microbes like bacteria, yeast and mold become entirely inactivated when they are frozen, as do the natural enzymes in meat that can deteriorate quality. Meat will not spoil or develop foodborne pathogens while it is kept frozen.

As for preserving flavor, freezing literally stops time. We wet-age our American Wagyu beef for at least 21 days to bring it to the peak of flavor and tenderness. Then we individually wrap each cut in air-tight, vacuum-sealed packaging and flash freeze it to preserve its nutritional content and flavor at the optimal moment of perfection.


Snake River Farms provides four layers of protection to make sure your American Wagyu beef arrives at your door in excellent condition.

1. Individually sealed air-tight plastic - Each cut you order is carefully packaged in air-tight vacuum-sealed plastic to eliminate air pockets where ice crystals can form. This protects the meat from damage and spoilage while preserving flavor and nutritional integrity.

2. Reusable thermal bag - Your individually wrapped and frozen SRF products are placed inside a thermal tote bag to help maintain their temperature in transit. Reuse this bag with our compliments for picnics or to protect ice cream and other cold groceries on the way home from shopping.

3. Dry ice - Because we can’t control the temperature on the road to your home, we surround your insulated SRF bag of goodies with dry ice to maintain its cool. More about the wonders of frozen carbon dioxide in a moment.


4. Recyclable box and biodegradable insulation - Snake River Farms is committed to preserving our planet while protecting your American Wagyu beef order. The shipping box it arrives in is 100% recyclable, and the vegetable-based foam inside is 100% biodegradable — it will dissolve in water!


Frozen carbon dioxide — aka dry ice — is commonly used for keeping shipments cold because it doesn’t turn into liquid when it melts. It simply dissipates into a gas as it warms, making it far less messy than regular water-based ice.

You need to exercise a bit of caution with dry ice because its super-cold temp can quickly burn your skin. Wear gloves if you need to handle it, keep it away from kids and pets, and do not taste it or put it in beverages. Let it sublimate into vapor in a well-ventilated area.


Any Snake River Farms products that are at least partially frozen when they arrive at your home can be safely stored in your freezer for up to six months. If they thawed in transit but are still cool to the touch, put them in the refrigerator, where they’re good for about two weeks. When you’re ready to use your frozen American Wagyu steaks or other cuts, thaw them in your fridge for two or three days before preparing them according to your favorite recipes and cooking methods.