How is Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef different from other online sources of American Wagyu? It all comes down to three things: fearless innovation, in-house excellence and forward-thinking sustainability.

Pioneering Better Beef

We didn’t set out to reinvent the beef industry. When our founder, Robert Rebholtz, Sr., saw the opportunity to import Japanese Wagyu cattle for crossbreeding with our domestic stock in the 1980s, he was simply following his instincts of working toward the highest levels of quality and excellence. The result was an entirely new breed of cattle that produces the deep flavor and sublime marbling of American Wagyu beef. Taking that ground-breaking risk put us on our continuing journey of innovation and genetic mastery through precise refinement. Our family members were pioneers of the land, and we’re proud to pioneer a future of delivering the best possible beef to American families.

Modeling Excellence from Ranch to Table

Cattle ranching is in our DNA. And like all people who make a living off the land, we have the deepest respect for our animals, property and neighbors. We never take the easy way out because we know that being a pioneer means doing things the right way, even when it’s harder.


In 2003, we purchased our processing facility in Toppenish, Washington — which means we control the entire supply chain from our ranch to your plate. That’s an unusual situation in this industry, and we’re proud to model an entirely in-house practice that ensures excellence at every level. Our breadth of experience and degree of control sets us apart from other sources of American Wagyu beef and is key to delivering the unique quality you expect from Snake River Farms.

Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reasons

We were sustainable before sustainability was cool. Our down-to-earth commonsense approach to keeping our land and animals healthy has led us to choose practices that are now considered trendy. But we don’t do them for the buzzwords. We do them because it’s the right thing to do. Preserving resources for future generations and implementing sustainability through every step of the beef lifecycle is good business — and good stewardship.


Snake River Farms sustainable practices include:

  • Rotational grazing programs to promote healthy rangelands

  • Sourcing a majority of our cattle feed within 150 miles of each feeding location

  • Composting to recycle cattle waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer for area farmers

  • Upgrading equipment to treat and re-introduce 96% of the water we use

  • Reducing wastewater by 40% per pound of beef at AB Washington Beef

  • Capturing biogas to power our processing plant, which displaces 20% of our natural gas needs

You have a lot of choices for buying American Wagyu steaks and other cuts of beef. When it comes to serving your family the highest quality beef with the best flavor, choose Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef. And when you want to make the right choice with beef that’s sustainably raised, humanely processed and delivered to your door in excellent condition, choose Snake River Farms for our commitment to a better meal and a better industry.