True Ranch to Table

The greatest challenge to any company wanting to produce the highest quality beef is the myriad of considerations throughout a long and complicated process, from the breeding to distributing the product out to the consumer and everything in between. In days of old, there’d be many different entities independently contributing to the supply chain. The bulls might be bred by independent ranchers, the feed yard its own independent operation, all sent to an independent processing facility. How could a company control quality across the process when so much was out of their hands?

S.T.A.R. Commitment

This challenge remains for many of our competitors. It was Robert Rebholtz Sr.’s vision that Snake River Farms control every aspect of the supply chain, an idea that finally came to fruition during the tenure of Robert Rebholtz Jr. With comprehensive control in place, we’ve proudly implemented our S.T.A.R. commitment, built on our four fundamental principles of Sustainability, SRF cattle roamingTotal Quality, Animal Well-Being, and Responsibility to our employees, partners, and customers.

Our genetics come 100% from our own breeding program, which helps us compile the largest database on individual Wagyu performance in the U.S. Our cows are grazed on our beautiful Double R Ranch, where we utilize superior water and pasture management systems. Our cattle are leased for breeding through our own bull-program, through producer relationships that span generations.

We own our feed yards, where our cattle are monitored with daily health checks, have fresh water 24 hours a day, and twice a day are fed with our in-house PerforMix Nutrition Systems, prepared by our staff veterinary nutritionists, under our own strict methods for the calmest and most humane conditions.

We own our processing plant in Toppenish, Washington, a Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified facility built on designs by famed animal behaviorists, Dr. Temple Grandin and Bud Williams. We make it mandatory that all our employees go through Beef Quality Assurance training. With 24 food safety intervention points, and full eight-hour sanitation shifts, Washington Beef ranks as one of the cleanest processing plants in the country.

Dedicated to Quality

SRF cattle grazing

Through our own high-quality people, and by our own high standards, each step in the supply-chain has been scrutinized, implemented with the greatest care, and constantly evaluated for optimization. Some of our competitors will make general claims about quality. At Snake River Farms, we can verify our process as well as our product.

With access to the entire history of every one of our cattle, every place it’s been, its medical history, feed charts and genetics, we employ that data toward quality control and complete transparency. We don’t want to just get the big and obvious things right. By being fully integrated and controlling every step of the supply chain from ranch to table, Snake River Farms strives to get every small thing right, too, and believe when it comes to quality that makes all the difference.