1. What is American Wagyu beef?

The word ‘wagyu’ is Japanese for ‘Japanese cow.’ Only cattle that are 100% pure-bred in Japan can be called by this name. Though it is now illegal to export Wagyu from Japan, it was legal for a while in the 1970s and ‘80s. Robert Rebholtz Sr., founder of Snake River Farms, was one of the first to import Japanese cattle to the U.S., where he bred them with American cattle and created an entirely new breed: American Wagyu. These cross-bred animals produce exceptional American Wagyu beef that combines the buttery marbling of Japanese Wagyu and the rich, robust flavor Americans are used to.

2. What does Ranch to Table mean?

Beyond creating a whole new breed of cattle, Snake River Farms is shaking up the cattle ranching industry by controlling the entire chain of production, from our ranch to your table. Almost every beef producer out there works with a patchwork of independent feed suppliers, ranchers, transporters, processors and distributors. Snake River Farms does it all in-house — from breeding and tracking genetics to nurturing cattle through optimal development to humanely processing them at our own facility to packaging the beef safely for delivery. That means quality control and documentation at every step.

3. How does SRF make the beef industry better for the planet?

Snake River Farms was sustainable before sustainability was trendy. Doing right by our neighbors, our animals and the planet is good business and good stewardship. Specific practices that protect and preserve resources for the future include:

  • Rotational grazing programs that protect vegetation regrowth

  • Local feed sourcing within 150 miles of our cattle locations

  • Cattle waste recycling into nutrient-rich fertilizer for neighboring farms

  • Reducing water waste by 40% per pound of beef

  • Capturing biogas to power the SRF processing plant, which displaces 20% of natural gas needs

4. What do celebs say about American Wagyu?

Hugh Acheson knows his way around a kitchen — and a steak. He can help anyone cook the perfect steak with his surprisingly simple Steakhouse Method. When he’s not judging contestants on “Top Chef” or designing menus for his Georgia restaurants, the James Beard Award winning chef has this to say about Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef: “It’s just stunningly beautiful American beef.”

Wolfgang Puck, an established and respected chef, holds SRF American Wagyu in high regard as well. It’s his opinion that if he had to decide between eating the best Japanese Wagyu and American Wagyu, he would "choose the New York steak from Snake River Farms every time."

And there’s more to enjoy than delectable American Wagyu at Snake River Farms! On the “Today Show,” Al Roker called SRF Kurobuta ham “the most delicious piece of meat you will ever eat in your life.”

5. Why choose SRF beef for this occasion?

Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef is the best you’ll ever taste. Period. To put it in perspective: The poshest steak most restaurants serve is graded as USDA Prime. All SRF beef grades above USDA Prime, meaning it has more marbling, richer flavor and better texture. This isn’t just a meal — it’s an experience you’ll remember and talk about for years. Whether you’re trying a new recipe or simply grilling your American Wagyu steaks, celebrate this moment of shared indulgence with gusto.