Grilling Greats

$165.00 Regular Price $173.00

Grilling Greats

$165.00 Regular Price $173.00

A selection of three great cuts that are not universally familiar, but are some chef secrets every backyard grillmaster should know. Over 4 1/2 pounds of amazing beef make this a great value. 

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Grilling Greats Package
Grilling Greats

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    Most folks know the names of popular steaks like a ribeye or filet mignon, but serious beef eaters get excited grilling up something a little different. That’s why we created the Grilling Greats package. Included are 2 different cuts of Snake River Farms American Wagyu and 1 Northwest Beef Choice cut. All three cuts are chock full of rich flavor and uncommon character. Each one is tender enough to stand on their own and versatile enough to be a match for marinades.


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    Grilling Greats