Ribs or steak? Ham or tenderloin roast? Decisions, decisions. If you're not sure what to get that special someone, give 'em a gift card! Our digital gift cards are as good as cash on Snakeriverfarms.com. Even better, they don't require any special cooking instructions or mess up the kitchen. Not bad, eh? Get yours today!

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  • Gold Grade Wagyu Brisket

    This was the best brisket I've ever tasted. Pricey, but can't be beat for special occasions.

    Posted 1/8/2019 by

  • Great gift

    Flexible gift for meat lovers.

    Posted 1/4/2019 by

  • Kabuta Bacon

    Was good, but a bit too salty. Also the dry ice in the packing had totaly evaporated. The enclosed cooler bag was not of the best quality.

    Posted 1/4/2018 by

  • Cowboy Steak


    Posted 4/28/2017 by

  • SRF Brisket

    The Black label Briskets are outstanding!

    Posted 7/25/2016 by

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