American Wagyu and Prime Dry-Aged Steaks

Snake River Farms American Wagyu and USDA Prime dry-aged beef represents a higher echelon of steaks. To achieve these extraordinary results, we utilize a proprietary system which controls and measures each step of the dry-aging process. The outcome is a rich, full-flavored steak which provides a unique, pure eating experience.


Why try our American Wagyu and USDA Prime dry-aged steaks, you ask? Dry-aging beef helps to speed up the breakdown of muscle tissue, creating more tender cuts that positively melt in your mouth. The dry environment allows the beef’s natural enzymes to soften the tissue while sealing in flavor, improving each and every bite. The extensive process makes dry-aged beef a mainstay of five-star restaurants and gourmet butchers. Coupled with cuts of beef that are already of the highest standard, you won’t be disappointed with the prime steak for sale at Snake River Farms.


All dry-aged steaks are carefully hand-selected and hand-cut for consistent size and a beautiful presentation. Purchase dry-aged ribeye steaks, dry-aged New York strip steaks and dry-aged tomahawk steaks online and shipped direct to your door. Products are shipped fresh using expedited shipping.


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Snake River Farms is celebrated world-wide by chefs and connoisseurs. Our family-owned business is focused on creating the most delicious beef and Kurobuta pork available.

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