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  • What are my shipping options?
    • Snake River Farms offers three shipping options, Standard, Express and Overnight Shipping. Saturday delivery is also available with a $15.00 upgrade fee on top of the mode of delivery selected. If your order contains dry-aged items, it will require Expedited Shipping, which costs $49.99. Click here for our detailed Shipping Policy .

  • Can I schedule my shipment for a later date?
    • Yes. You can schedule your shipment to be delivered on any available day for up to 21 days after the order date.

  • How are shipping costs calculated?
    • Shipping costs are charged based on each ship-to address per order and according to shipping option selected at checkout.

      $9.99 Standard Shipping
      $39.99 Express Shipping
      $79.99 Overnight Shipping
      $15.00 Saturday Delivery Upgrade Fee
      $49.99 Expedited Dry-Aged Shipping

  • In what condition are your products shipped?
    • We specially hand pack each individual order to ensure that your products are received in optimal condition. Each package includes a re-usable, thermal bag and is shipped with dry ice to maintain the appropriate temperature for your product(s) during shipping. All perishable products ship frozen and will arrive frozen or partially frozen.

  • Will my product remain frozen during delivery?
    • We ship our products in a biodegradable insulated foam liner with dry ice inside a reusable, thermal bag. We guarantee that product will arrive frozen or partially frozen.

  • Can I refreeze products after they have been delivered?
    • As long as a cut has not been completely defrosted it can be placed in the freezer without any potential harm to flavor. After a cut has been completely defrosted, we do not recommend re-freezing it. Defrosted products can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 12 days in their original packaging. Do NOT refreeze ground beef.



  • Do you age your products?
    • Yes. All of our cuts are wet-aged 21+ days before they are packaged and shipped to our customers.

  • What is wet aging?
    • Wet aging – or carefully marinating a piece of meat in its own juices while preventing it from being exposed to the outside air – makes for a juicier, more tender piece of meat.



  • What do you feed your cattle and hogs?
    • Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef are grass and hay fed on pasture for the first year of their life. They are then fed a sustainable diet of hay, forages, grains (including corn, soft white wheat and barley), as well as potatoes, vitamins and minerals. SRF cattle will never receive any growth promotants or growth promoting hormones, but can receive antibiotics to treat illness and infection.

    • Snake River Farms American Kurobuta pork are fed on a co-op of small family farms in the mid-west and Idaho and are fed a combination of corn, soybean meal, oats, vitamins and minerals. No artificial hormones or gestation crates are used in SRF pork production. 

    • Double R Ranch Northwest beef are grass and hay fed on pasture for the first year of their life. They are then fed a sustainable diet of hay, forages, grains (including corn, soft white wheat and barley), as well as potatoes, vitamins and minerals. Close
  • How are the conditions at the feeding operations?
    • Cattle are fed in large open pens that give each individual animals has ample space to roam, lie down, play and eat. Cattle are fed twice a day and have a constant supply of clean water. Veterinarians, nutritionists and cowboys monitor the cattle daily, remaining in contact with one another regarding health treatments and feeding regimens. Pens are routinely cleaned. Straw is laid down in the winter to provide extra comfort.

  • Are there GMOs in the cattle’s diets?
    • Virtually all of the corn produced in the United States comes from genetically modified seeds. As a result, we cannot specify that corn be GMO-free. However, corn is only one of many ingredients in our cattle diet, making up approximately 37%. In addition, the specifications for the corn we purchase meet the requirements of the National Grain Standard. Each load is sampled and checked for general quality attributes such as appearance and moisture level to ensure it is of the highest quality to be included in cattle feed.

  • Do you treat your animals humanely?
    • Snake River Farms, Double R Ranch and our parent company, Agri Beef, do not tolerate the mistreatment and inhumane handling of animals at any time or for any reason. Every employee adopts the Agri Beef Animal Well-Being policy, which emphasizes the need to act as a steward of the animals within our care, a commitment to animal well-being and an understanding that mistreatment of animals is not tolerated by the company. Humane euthanasia procedures are followed at all times. Non-ambulatory animals are never processed for human consumption.



  • Do you offer refunds?
    • If you receive product you believe is damaged or defective, report it to us immediately, and our team will gladly assist you in starting a claim for replacement/refund.



  • How is your beef graded?
    • All beef is graded on intramuscular fat (or marbling), color and the absence of defects anywhere on the animal. Double R Ranch uses the USDA grading scale, which includes these designations:

      • Select: This beef has only slight marbling and is typically leaner than the other designations. It is likely to have less juiciness and flavor than higher rated beef.

      • Choice: High-quality beef with moderate marbling, this designation provides juicy and flavorful cuts, particularly from the loin and rib areas.

      • Prime: The highest designation, Prime has abundant marbling from young cattle and is primarily found in restaurants and hotels.

      Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef grades above Prime on the USDA grading scale and is graded using the Japanese Beef Marbling Standard. This standard rates beef on a scale of 1-12 based on the beef’s intra-muscular fat (or marbling). Most U.S. beef rated Prime by the USDA falls in the 4 to 5 range. Snake River Farms American Wagyu rates as follows:

      • Black Grade: Beef rating at a 6 or above on the Japanese Beef Marbling Standard.

      • Gold Grade: Beef rating at a 9 or above on the Japanese Beef Marbling Standard, making it some of the highest quality beef grown inside the United States.



  • Do you sponsor competitive BBQ teams?
    • Snake River Farms has chosen to support and sponsor select competitive BBQ events and educational classes and, at this time, does not sponsor individual competitive teams.

  • Are your briskets cut for competition?
    • All of our briskets are “full packer” briskets. Selected to meet exacting criteria, each 120 brisket is carefully cut to the most current NAMP guidelines. We pride ourselves in sending out a remarkably consistent product that tastes and presents well in competition. However, due to the unique conformation of each animal, we cannot guarantee flat thickness will meet any specific threshold.

  • Why don’t you recommend your pork ribs for competition?
    • Our Kurobuta Pork Ribs (baby back and spare ribs) are robust in flavor, yet due to the proportions of the Berkshire breed, being naturally smaller than most commodity pork, judges have been critical of their presentation.