Welcome to the Snake River Farms Butcher Shop Boot Camp where you can enlist for Beef Basic Training and acquire the knowledge and skills to prepare our American Wagyu steaks to perfection. Those who choose to follow along will learn all about our most popular from our experts and award winning chefs.


The New York strip is a classic steakhouse steak that strikes a balance of good marbling and firm texture. Its tight grain and rich flavor make it a top tier steak for any occasion. Learn more about the origin of this cut, as well as how to cook it to perfection. Shop additional NY cuts, too!


The ribeye is considered the premier steak by beef aficionados since it is rich with intramuscular fat, tender and flavorful. The ribeye has the most marbling of all cuts, in fact, this is the area the USDA uses to grade a side of beef. Explore more of the different varieties of this cut, as well as how to cook the perfect ribeye steak! Shop below, and see other cuts here


The filet mignon, also known as the tenderloin steak, is the most tender cut on the cow. Fans of the filet extol its mild flavor and fork-tender, buttery texture. Learn more about this celebratory steak. Shop other tenderloin cuts, too. 


Sirloin might be the most popular steak of all. Top sirloin is the preferred cut since it’s lean, flavorful and moderately tender. This is a versatile steak that loves the grill or skillet and is priced so it’s a great choice for a group. Become an expert on how to cook this cut to perfection and you'll never disappoint at the dinner party! Find other Sirloin options on our site, as well. 




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The rib primal is the source of premium steaks and roasts including ribeyes, tomahawks and prime rib. It's located at the top part of the animal, specifically the section between the sixth and twelth ribs. The beef from this area is referred to as the "middle meat" due to its central location and is prized by restaurant patrons and retail customers.

The beef from this area has a high level of both intramuscular and kernel fat which results in flavorful and juicy cuts that are naturally tender. Dry heat techniques are best used to prepare rib primal cuts.

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The collar is located at the top of the shoulder between the blade and underblade. It is a muscle that starts at the jowl and ends close to the loin. This cut includes part of the  “money muscle” used by competitive barbecue teams. The collar is well marbled and can be cooked low and slow or roasted.

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