American Wagyu Steak Flight

$275.00 Regular Price $282.00

American Wagyu Steak Flight

$275.00 Regular Price $282.00

A flight of American Wagyu steaks to taste and compare in one sitting or to enjoy over a series of dinners. All of these steaks have the buttery texture and complex flavor uniqe to American Wagyu.

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Ribeye Filet 6 Oz   + $54.61
Filet Mignon 6 Oz   + $41.93
Top Sirloin 8 Oz   + $26.33
Trucker Hat   + $14.63
Black Pepper Infused Salt   + $14.63
SRF Thermo Bag   + $0.00

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SRF American Wagyu Steak Flight - prepared steak
American Wagyu Steak Flight

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    This collection of steaks is inspired by the trios of wine designed for a patron to taste, compare differences and find a favorite. It's fun, and delicious, to see how your favorite cut stacks up against two other steaks. Treat the steak experts at your next dinner party to a taste comparison or simply enjoy the opportunity to stock up on a variety of American Wagyu cuts. The package includes Jacobsen x SRF special garlic and black pepper salt and a Snake River Farms ball cap to give the person running the grill an official touch. 


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    American Wagyu Steak Flight