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American Wagyu Prime Rib Roast

A Snake River Farms American Wagyu rib roast makes a dinner instantly memorable with its rich marbling and extravagant flavor. Choose a prime rib roast (also referred to as a ribeye roast) for a traditional approach or tenderloin roast for an elegant meal. These roasts also make fantastic steaks! Try this easy artisan butcher method and become the hero at your next gathering.


As far as American Wagyu prime rib goes, ours is the best available. Each one has been masterfully hand-cut by an expert butcher and then wet-aged for 21-plus days to perfect the texture and flavor. If you’re new to this type of meat — which is created from a cross between purebred Wagyu cattle and traditional cattle — you’ll be impressed with the flavor and tenderness of each American Wagyu ribeye roast. It truly is a special occasion item, perfect for your big holiday meal or celebration.

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Snake River Farms is celebrated world-wide by chefs and connoisseurs. Our family-owned business is focused on creating the most delicious beef and Kurobuta pork available.

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