Resource Sustainability

The Rebholtz family started as ranchers when Agri Beef was formed in 1968. Today, they continue to recognize the importance of supporting the long-term sustainability of family farms and ranches in the Northwest. The company works to keep this traditional way of life viable for future generations by providing strong economic opportunities.

To preserve our resources for future generations, Agri Beef implements sustainable practices such as local crop sourcing, water reclamation and composting through every step of the beef lifecycle. 

  • At the Double R Ranch our rotational grazing program promotes healthy rangelands
  • We source a majority of our cattle feed within 150 miles of each feedyard location
  • Composting is used to recycle our cattle waste into nutrient rich fertilizer for area farmers
  • We have reduced our water use by 40% per pound of beef at AB Washington Beef
  • The biogas dome at our processing plant displaces 20% of our natural gas needs
  • Our beef tallow is used to create  fuel at our biodiesel plant