Our Commitment to Animal Well-Being

Our proactive approach to animal well-being is carried out by adopting techniques and programs from experts like Dr. Temple Grandin to always ensure the best care and handling of our animals at all times.
  • We continually train employees on low stress animal handling techniques
  • We follow all the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Animal Care and Well-Being Standards
  • Cattle are checked daily for health and well-being by trained cowboys
  • Cattle are given ample room to move and display natural behaviors
  • High quality, freshly mixed feed is delivered twice daily and fresh water is available 24 hours a day
  • Animals displaying signs of sickness or discomfort receive individualized attention
  • 24 hour access to an on-call veterinarian
A formal commitment is outlined and documented in Agri Beef Co.'s "Guidelines for Animal Well-Being." The program encompasses all company locations, all phases of production, and all transport activities, to provide consistent and proactive standards for animal well-being. These standards were developed in collaboration with leading industry experts and are continually updated to reflect the most proactive policies.

Adherence to "The Guidelines for Animal Well-Being and Humane Handling" procedures are regularly evaluated and verified by a certified third-party animal welfare auditor. Agri Beef Co. does not tolerate the abuse or mistreatment of animals at any time for any reason.