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Gold Grade Cap of Ribeye

Is it possible to have a product smaller in supply than the Snake River Farms Cap of Ribeye? Yes, it is. Introducing the Gold Grade Cap of Ribeye.  Gold Grade is the highest level of marbling available from Snake River Farms. The Gold Grade Cap of Ribeye has an even higher amount of inter-muscular fat to take an already decadent cut of beef to an extreme level.

Please note that Gold Grade Cap of Ribeye is available in liminted supplies and is in even shorter supply than our 
Black Grade product. As this is a natural product there will be some variation in size from cut to cut.  

Our target range for each cap is is 20 to 28 ounces. Each Cap of Ribeye serves approximately 4 people.

"For my taste, there is no cut of beef that I would rather eat than Snake River Farm’s Gold Grade cap. It has an incredible depth of flavor and is so tender you barely need a knife. I like to sauté or grill the meat, forming a well-browned crust with a medium-rare interior. The generous marbling melts in your mouth creating a unique experience that I can only describe as luscious."

- Susie Heller is an author and producer of cookbooks (including five with Chef Thomas Keller) and cooking shows and has worked with dozens of America’s top chefs.

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Product ships frozen and will arrive partially thawed or chilled.  

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Gold Grade Cap of Ribeye $249.00