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Cap of Ribeye

The Cap of Ribeye is the most prized Snake River Farms American Kobe beef cut.  This is the same rare and delectable steak served by prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants in the U.S. The Cap of Ribeye is also known as the deckle steak or the ribeye cap among true beef aficionados.  In France it goes by the name of calotte steak and in more scientific circles it is known as the spinalis dorsi. Regardless of its name, the Cap of Ribeye is a delicacy that really has to be tasted to be believed. The flavor is at once familiar, unique and like nothing you've ever eaten before. 

We’re proud to offer this uncommon product, but please note it is only available in limited quantities. This is a natural product and the size will vary from cut to cut. Our target range for each cap is is 20 to 28 ounces. Each Cap of Ribeye serves approximately 4 people.

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Product ships frozen and will arrive partially thawed or chilled.  

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Cap of Ribeye $199.00